Upcoming Livestreams

Upcoming Livestreams

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Upcoming Livestreams
  • LIVE Flow w/Keri, Monday 08/10/20 @ 7am (CST)

    Breathe in, Sweat out! Dragonfly Flow is a type of yoga called Vinyasa. Vinyasa means “breath-synchronized movement.” This style focuses on linking the breath with movement and is often referred to as a moving meditation. The poses flow from one to another in conjunction with the breath. Build st...

  • LIVE Power Flow w/Brady, Monday 08/10/20 @ 9am (CST)

    Power Flow is a step up from our regular Flow class. It incorporates more challenging postures such as creative standing poses, arm balances and inversions. Modifications and variations are offered for all poses so that the intensity and challenge is up to you. Power, Sweat, Fly! Power Flow incor...

  • LIVE Flow w/John, Monday 08/10/20 @ 5:30pm (CST)

    Enjoy 45 minutes of John's chill Flow while linking breath and movement! John's style is playful and he enjoys adding humor, pop culture references, and some personal stories.